Healing Through Nature

Healing Through Nature teaches skills and practices to align with the high-frequency shift and paradigm of Mother Earth, which is based on the Elemental Ethics of Nature — Peace, Love, and Healing.


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A Course in Healing Through Nature.

Earth Shifting:

Personal & Group Change

for the New Frontier & Paradigm of Mother Earth.

Revised Edition

BOOK: Large format. 8.5″ x 11″.  359 pages. Professionally bound: glue-binding.  $24.99.  Shipping not included. Registered Copyright: 2019.

ISBN-13: 978-1-7330960-0-3. 

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Healing Through Nature Author & Practice-Guide

Ella Hope is the Healing Through Nature author and practice-guide.  She is the author of two 500-page Source-books/textbooks and multiple publications (see tab: Books:7Phases). Ella has taught and presented the subject-matter of Healing Through Nature since 1999, in the USA, Canada, Britain and New Zealand (see tab:Testimonials).  Ella offers her Trainings at her Mother Earth Eco-Center, a 3000 square/foot ceremonial eco-shamanic lodge, with corresponding mature Cedar-Fir rain forests, on the NW Washington coast (see Tabs: Mother Earth Eco-Center & Trainings).  

Ella has been on the the Path of Healing Through Nature for over 30 years; she has honed and developed the work through on-going Cycles of Initiations with the Land, tempered by extensive experience in the diverse areas of shamanism, as well as women’s spirituality.


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Peace, Love, and Healing