Healing Through Nature gives monthly DONATIONS in 2018 and 2017 to:

  • Save the Redwoods League.
  • Sierra Club (including addressing destruction of 800-year old Alaskan forests, and other monuments/once-protected Lands)
  • Earth Spirit Foundation (donations beginning summer 2018)
  • (Nature Conservancy: next on the agenda)

Healing Through Nature gave one-time Donations in 2017 to:

  • Women of Wisdom Foundation/501(c)3
  • Temple of Diana, Inc/ 501(c)3
  • Gaia's Temple, Inc/501(c)3
  • Daughters of the Goddess/Temple
  • CASA: Camano Animal Shelter Association  501(c)3
  • Standing Rock Presenter/ Water Bearer

Gratitude & Giving Back:

Self-Appointed Land Guardianship

Healing Through Nature offers different forms of Community Service, including self-appointed guardianship of specific Lands.

I. Healing Through Nature does volunteer clean-up of discarded items and garbage, that has been unethically dumped or tossed, or has floated onto the beach during the high-tide -- which poses a threat to the Land or wildlife, on specific lands.

II. Healing Through Nature also assists in land and trail-observation of private forest, and notifies of poaching or trespassing, to assist the land-owner in protection and maintenance of their trails and land.

Healing Through Nature, as a spiritual intermediary with the Land, engages in Service, in reciprocal relationship, in acknowledgement of the Elemental Ethics of peace, love, and healing.

Guardianship: Definition

Webster's Dictionary:  GUARDIAN |ˈgärdēən|.  noun:  1. a defender, protector, or keeper: self-appointed guardians of public.....  2. a person who looks after and is legally responsible for someone who is unable to manage their own affairs. 3.  the superior of a Franciscan convent.  DERIVATIVES:  guardianship |-ˌSHip| noun.  ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French garden, of Germanic origin.

Community Service:  Land Areas

  • HEALING FOREST: on Camano Island. Maintenance of Trails. Updates with owner. Conservation efforts.
  • Our LOCAL RIVER: from the Ocean-mouth of the River, and an approximate quarter mile stretch up-river, via canoe.  We pick-up garbage, and also talk with local fishermen who care about the moratoriums on fishes, and illegal poaching.
  • MOUNT BAKER:  MOTHER MOUNTAIN OF THE REGION/ YEAR-ROUND GLACIERS WITH MANY LAKES AND RIVERS/TRIBUTARIES.  We clean up garbage dumped by tributaries which threaten the ecosystems of the rivers.
  • NO LONGER (due to purchase and impending housing development: URBAN FOREST on Puget Sound: cedar-fir-hemlock forest that rises from the salmon/bird estuaries below, managed by the County; we clean up the area that is the car pull-off above the urban forest and estuaries below; we also observe the eagle nest.)

Recent Garbage Removal & Forest Projects:

April 2018:  Healing Forest: Forest Trail maintenance/ assistance to owner of private forest.

March 2018: Beach Clean-up of plastics, netting. Secondary site.

February 2018: Beach Clean-up of plastics, netting. Secondary site:

January 2018:  Healing Forest: Trail maintenance. Walks with Conservation District representatives.  Continued conservation efforts with research and co-ordinated meetings, with Planning Dept and owner.

December 2017:  Trail maintenance: Healing Forest on Camano Island.

November 2017 : River Clean-up/ garbage collection via canoe. From Our local River.

October 2017:  Beach on our local island.  Picked-up small pieces of colored plastic, which can be inhaled by birds/wildlife, along the beach -- where the shallow-grasses in the water had also been sprayed by the Dept. of agriculture.  Since the spray, no signs of sanderlings, or a species of gulls that was previously feeding in the area.

September 2017:  Mount Baker:  Garbage dumped off-road by pristine tributary/small river, from the Lake south east of Concrete.  Garbage removed included dead animals in garbage bags, large plastic bags and food trays near flowing water of tributary, and miscellaneous bottles/cans.

September 2017.  Urban Forest: Approximately 30 large, dead poisoned wild rats dumped atop urban forest of English Boom, only 200 feet from the large Eagle's nest, where two adolescent eagles recently were raised. Above salmon estuaries. County could not immediately remove dead rats or contaminated garbage, due to holiday weekend. This posed an immediate threat to  Eagles, during this time of draught and fire.  Dead rats were removed, with identification of rats as wild by CASA (501c3)  local animal shelter for pets.

August 2017:  Local/ Stillaguamish River:  Fishing line was removed with hooks from launch area to the River.  Second fishing line was located on ground of parking lot.  Birds and seals get caught in fishing line.  Only a couple hundred feet from Eagle nest, twenty feet from River.

August 2017.  Local/ Stillaguamish River: While canoeing, two young persons who left the scene immediately left a syringe and long-needle on the open launch area for boats.  Syringe was taken to the medical clinic for proper disposal of unknown contents.