Healing Through Nature gives monthly DONATIONS to:

  • Save the Redwoods League.
  • Sierra Club (including addressing destruction of 800-year old Alaskan forests, and other monuments/once-protected Lands)
  • (Nature Conservancy: next on the agenda)

Healing Through Nature gave one-time Donations to:

  • Women of Wisdom Foundation/501(c)3
  • Temple of Diana, Inc/ 501(c)3
  • Gaia's Temple, Inc/501(c)3
  • Daughters of the Goddess/Temple
  • CASA: Camano Animal Shelter Association  501(c)3
  • Standing Rock Presenter/ Water Bearer
  • Earth Spirit Foundation

Gratitude & Giving Back:

Self-Appointed Land Guardianship

Healing Through Nature offers different forms of Community Service, including self-appointed guardianship of specific Lands.

I. Healing Through Nature does volunteer clean-up of discarded items and garbage, that has been unethically dumped or tossed, or has floated onto the beach during the high-tide -- which poses a threat to the Land or wildlife, on specific lands.

II. Healing Through Nature also assists in land and trail-observation of private forest, and notifies of poaching or trespassing, to assist the land-owner in protection and maintenance of their trails and land.

Healing Through Nature, as a spiritual intermediary with the Land, engages in Service, in reciprocal relationship, in acknowledgement of the Elemental Ethics of peace, love, and healing.

Guardianship: Definition

Webster's Dictionary:  GUARDIAN |ˈgärdēən|.  noun:  1. a defender, protector, or keeper: self-appointed guardians of public.....  2. a person who looks after and is legally responsible for someone who is unable to manage their own affairs. 3.  the superior of a Franciscan convent.  DERIVATIVES:  guardianship |-ˌSHip| noun.  ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French garden, of Germanic origin.

Community Service:


  • ONE:  HEALING FOREST: on Camano Island. Maintenance of Trails. Updates with owner. Conservation efforts.
  • TWO. Our LOCAL RIVER: from the Ocean-mouth of the River, and an approximate quarter mile stretch up-river, via canoe.  We pick-up garbage, and also talk with local fishermen who care about the moratoriums on fishes, and illegal poaching.
  • THREE: URBAN FOREST on Puget Sound: cedar-fir-hemlock forest that rises from the salmon/bird estuaries below, managed by the County; we clean up the area that is the car pull-off above the urban forest and estuaries below; we also observe the eagle nest.)
  • Occasional: MOUNT BAKER:  MOTHER MOUNTAIN OF THE REGION/ YEAR-ROUND GLACIERS WITH MANY LAKES AND RIVERS/TRIBUTARIES.  We clean up garbage dumped by tributaries which threaten the ecosystems of the rivers.

Recent Garbage Removal & Forest Projects:

2020.  Urban Forest above salmon estuary -- Cedar-Fir Forest & ceremonial grounds of Healing Through Nature. Road-side clean-up of disposed garbage.

2020. Private Forest Lands 80-acres.  Notification to owner of massive 80+ acre clear-cut and devastation along border of his property.  Also, removal of large one ton stone -- a sacred ceremonial site, and site of Healing Through Nature workshops/ trainings. Very painful.

2019. Urban Forest: Garbage pick-up.

2018:  Healing Forest: Forest Trail maintenance/ assistance to owner of private North West rain forest/Mid-life Cedar-Fir Forest  (80 acres). Camano Island, WA.

2018: Beach Clean-up of plastics, netting.  Salmon Estuary with Cedar-Fir Forest.

2018:  Healing Forest: Trail maintenance. Walks with Conservation District representatives.  Continued conservation efforts with research and co-ordinated meetings, with Planning Dept and owner.

2017:  Trail maintenance: Healing Forest on Camano.  Forest Trail maintenance/ assistance to owner of private North West rain forest/Mid-life Cedar-Fir Forest  (80 acres). Camano Island, WA.

2017 : River Clean-up/ garbage collection via canoe. From Our local Stillaguamish River.

2017:  Beach on our local island.  Beach Clean-up. Camano Island. Salmon Estuary with Cedar-Fir forests above.

2017:  Mount Baker:   Garbage removals near flowing water of tributary.

2017.  Urban Forest:  Rescue operation. Immediate threat to  Eagles, during this time of draught and fire.  with assistance of CASA (501c3)  local animal shelter for pets.

2017.  Local/ Stillaguamish River:  River clean-up.  Threats to eagles and wildlife addressed (fishing lines, boat-ramp garbage etc).