Healing Through Nature offers: 

  • Spiritual-Intermediary Services with the Land
  • Services are provided for Organizations/ Corporations/ Conferences/ Non-profits, and private landowners.

Land Intermediary Package: 

To determine if you would like to work with Healing Through Nature: Land Intermediary Service, please contact us for our Package details, that includes a detailed break-down of services, a free consultation, and complementary walk of the Land with written Action Plan.

The Package includes detailed references and referral-sections to the sourcebooks/textbooks:  Healing Through Nature: A Self-Healing Practice and Reference Guide. Volumes I & II.

Land Intermediary Team: 

The Healing Through Nature: Land Intermediary  Team includes the work of two professionals: one:  a spiritual intermediary with over 30 years experience on this Path; and two: team-member and general contractor licensed in three states, who per request, will address the real estate/construction issues including plot plans, septic placement etc.

The Healing Through Nature team has combined decades of experience in traditional real estate, including protectorship of real estate trust.

We are also aligned with local real estate/ trust attorneys who will contribute in service to the community and the conservation of Land.

The purpose is to present spiritual-intermediary feedback, that is balanced with the simultaneous realities of code/building requirements.