THE MOTHER EARTH ECO-CENTER is located in North West WA on the Puget Sound waters, by the San Juan Islands.

The Mother Earth Eco-Center in entirety, is a 6300 square-foot blue building, with ceremonial eco-shamanic lodge, and adjoining residential units.

The ceremonial eco-shamanic lodge* is an approximate 3000+ square-foot communal gathering space, with vaulted cathedral ceilings and 12’ windows. 

In addition to the communal gathering space, there is a kitchen, courtyard, two new bathrooms, power-point area, seasonal and directional altars, public parking area, large custom shower, and a 1000 square/foot sleeping loft, with multiple beds for guests and workshop groups.

The ceremonial eco-shamanic lodge* has corresponding Forests.The Center has permission from local private forest-owners, to practice in nearby mature cedar-fir forests, in Service to Mother Earth, and for the Trainings.  There are currently three large Cedar-fir forests on private lands.

The Mother Earth Eco-Center is also home to a private Resource Library and Reading Room, with comfortable chairs, water feature, and aromatherapy, for your reading and intellectual exploration.  The Resource Library houses an in-depth and rare collection of books including: Jungian psychology, women’s/goddess spirituality, shamanism, myth, alternative healing, earth based spirituality, healing arts, and indigenous culture.  For fiction lovers, it houses a wide selection of world literature.

The Center also has five adjacent residential apartments for long-term residents; in time, it is the   intention that the five residences will share in monthly council, as an intentional community, in Service to Mother Earth and all sentient beings, and assist with the ceremonial lodge, and local community.

The Center is located between Bellingham and Seattle, on the ocean, only minutes from wild beaches and mature cedar-fir forests.

It is in walking distance to all amenities (including 24 hour organic foods, library, restaurants/entertainment, herbal/ tea house, gym)  in a small north western town.  There is public transportation from all airports, with buses to the doorstep of the Center.

The Mother Earth Eco-Center is also aligned with private forest owners, of mature Cedar-fir forest;  these north west rain-forests are connected with the Mother Earth Eco-Center.



The Land on which the Center is built, was once respected and inhabited by the Stillaguamish Peoples, in addition to other First Nations peoples, who lived here seasonally; they moved through this Land with the seasonal salmon runs.

A ceremony was held when the Land was purchased, and the Elder who held the ceremony shared that the current town was once the place of woman healers, and also, long-houses.    

On-going ceremony has enabled a positive shift toward respect of the Land, since the creation of the Mother Earth Eco-Center approximately 13 years ago.