7Phases® Trainings:

Foundational Level I Training:

2019 & 2020 Annual Trainings



"The Foundational Self-Healing Practice in Nature,

& Seven High-Vibrational Life-Skills:

Trainings with the North West Rain Forest"

at the Mother Earth Eco-Center with

Corresponding Mature Cedar-Fir Forests

For detailed information on the Trainings, and the Underlying Premises of the practices, please email ella hope.  The Application is on the sub-tab. Here are the details:

  • The weekend Trainings require a short application of intention. 
  • Two full days on Sat and Sun; 
  • To attend Saturday only, please note on the application.
  • The weekend training INCLUDES accommodation and guided practice on Saturday and Sunday, in both the corresponding Forests and Mother Earth Eco-Center.
  • Organic teas/snacks/fruits/nuts are always available/included.
  • You can also arrive on Friday and share in preparatory ceremony.  
  • Elders are honored guests; all is complimentary.

Foundational Level I Training 

The foundational self-healing practice with Nature is the focus of Series A Workshop.  This weekend Training at the Mother Earth Eco-Center is one hour north of Seattle WA, only minutes from the corresponding, privately-owned,  mature Cedar-Fir forest.  We will also work within a second mature urban forest, aside drift-wood beaches and salmon estuary.

This is the prerequisite weekend Training for Series B and C.

The series A workshop is the subject-matter of ella hope's first textbook: Healing Through Nature: A Self-Healing Practice and Reference Guide: Volume I.  See tab: 7Phases® Books.

7Phases® Training: Level III

Winter Training: Advanced

Kauai Hawaii

Contact Healing Through Nature for details. 

The third sourcebook/textbook is titled Initiation: Teachings  it is the focus of Level III Training.

The sourcebooks/ textbooks: Healing Through Nature: A Self-Healing Practice and Reference Guide. Volume I is the prerequisite subject-matter for this Training.  The Foundational Self-Healing Practice and Level I Training is the prerequisite for this advanced Training, on the magical island in the Hawaiian chain, also endorsed by the Elder and owner of this magical Land.


7Phases® Training: Level II

at the Mother Earth Eco-Center &

Corresponding Mature Cedar-fir Forests

Contact Healing Through Nature for details.

The sourcebook/ textbook: Healing Through Nature: A Self-Healing Practice and Reference Guide. Volume TWO, includes the prerequisite subject-matter for this Level II Training.  The Level I Training is a pre-requisite.

The Level II Training is NOT a pre-requisite for Level III: see below.